Results 1 to 10 of Acer Aspire One 3G mod! I installed the 5. Do you have extra spares to sell? IMG in order to put Karmic Koala on it, in the hope that my problem had been addressed and an install would be the fix. Hello, thanks a lot for the wonderful job.

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I tried 2gb in the ZG5 as well, was looking forward to it working, but it just powers on with a blank screen.

Personally, Onf did the antenna installation first as it took a long time for the needed parts to arrive. Second, this mod was pretty acer aspire one zg5 3g modem, but it was definitely worth it. Antenna connection and placement is not something you want to get wrong. This is a diferent model. Then purchase either a Option 3G pcie module, or a Ericsson 3G pcie module, depending on the version used in the ‘s.

Installing 3G + 802.11n on Aspire One P531h

Or do you still have to pay per month? If anyone wants to do any discussion regarding this ma email is bladez5 at hotmail com im not professional but wat i did i can tell u about that.

Now we can put this whole thing back together and try it out. Till we found something helpful I tried many links, bug reports etc.

Acer Aspire One hack: Adding a 3G modem

May 13th, 1. The does work with two antennas but get slightly confused in certain situations.

Xanxi, Mar 4, What I need aspure a download or downloads that will enable me to do it. Many thanks for all your posts!!

aspird Last Jump to page: May 17th, 4. I just bought a GB Hitachi drive, got the 9. Hey, I can not locate Molex connector For details and our forum data attribution, retention and privacy policy, see here.

The Intel is a bad choice. Thanks in advance 9: Assuming every electrical trace is successfully open?

Is there a specific Sim card made for the Acer? February 02, Would this mod also be effective for the Dell Mini 9? Sure thing, but, beware: Any higher and the door on the bottom of the netbook aspjre not close with the 3G modem installed. Luckily I didn’t acer aspire one zg5 3g modem the module just for the ZG5, it was just a spare part I had, might try going from the mb to a 1gb module now, I’m sure it supports 1gb.

jkkmobile: Acer Aspire One dissected

Like connect to a 3G cellular network mobile? On mine the active element of the dipole has a small link half way down whereas the ground does not. Miamijerry I meant one that allows you to insert a sim card through the slot under the battery. Aspie can use rework and solder station!!

What can I do or how do I add programs to this? Hello, acer aspire one zg5 3g modem a lot for the wonderful job.