February 17 by Nurjazliza mohamad. Once I reboot the laptop, it is fine. I tried utilizing the advice you posted. Can’t seem to find ELAN. If you have touched the screen, please re-executed once. I need my Laptop for school. To do so, go into device manager, and check for the properties of the touchpad.

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Hi Kirstyn Williams, If reinstalling the Smart Gesture drivers doesn’t fix it for you try it one more time, but this time install the ATK package asus eee pc mouse pad as well as the Smart Gesture drivers -install the ATK Package drivers FIRST before the Smart Gesture – see link below in Chosen Answer for latest Asus drivers then if the laptop is less ewe 12 months old, consult the manufacturer’s warranty statement that came with the laptop, usually found in the User Guide, as to what you have to do asuus get a warranty replacement as obviously there is something wrong with it.

Plug in a USB mouse then unplug it. My Asus touchpad works fine again. If you know the manufacturer and they provide drivers like Realtekthat would be a reliable source too.

Asus Eee PC 900 Touchpad Replacement

I haven’t been able to use my touchpad for months! If your touchpad isnt detected at all you should try cleaning the connections of your touchpad to your computers motherboard. Mouee is very frustating. If I could show you how happily I am moving my mouse right now lol. Try toggling this key if you have it before you freak out about possible touchpad woes.

Asus eee pc mouse pad Laptop Laptops manufactured by Asus.

Why is the touchpad of my Asus Eee PC not working?

January 31 by Anne-Marie Guarini. The ATK driver update installs but the Smart Gesture driver rolls back with the “windows installer” error message. I actually have a Lenovo ideapad S. Small Business – Chron. I had issue with my Elan touchpad and my solution after a bunch of head ache was to shut down computer, unplug, and pull the battery out. Hi Ivan, I should have realized that your drivers will always be OK. After that, i noticed that my touchpad was working because i had my palm on asus eee pc mouse pad touchpad while typing Idk if it’s a reliable solution.

When my HAB restarts, it goes to some default microsoft asus eee pc mouse pad that works fine, but apparently doesn’t have some hotkey functionality. Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. Accessed 01 June I’d get the full model number, download the driver from Asus, and reinstall asus eee pc mouse pad on the system.

Add your answer BreBe21 will be eternally grateful. I downloaded the Smart gesture update, however am unable to install it. Eventually, i gave up and decided to live with a mouse since i needed my laptop all the time, and two weeks into service was something that i could not afford I once installed razer cortex in order to boost my peerformance.

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I need my Laptop for school. Install the ATK package first and then the Smart gesture drivers.

SOLVED: My Asus windows 10 touchpad not working? – Asus Laptop – iFixit

So make sure it says mouse before going through all the hassles. Talk about stuffing the ballot box.

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I asus eee pc mouse pad had to do it twice now. This is my laptop machine and I mluse my Touchpad restored. Post as a guest Name. I spent an hour trying to figure out what was wrong, and turns out, since I had opened my computer up a while ago and it had never closed properly, ee was a layer of dust on my motherboard that was clogging the connector. I can’t click to any file.

Click the “Driver” tab and then click “Disable.