This manual also for: Stop Key Stop key Press to cancel printing and other operations. Select to pass communication packets only when they are sent to or received from [Reject] devices whose IP addresses are entered in [Exception Addresses]. The client devices connect to the outside network through the proxy server, and do not communicate directly to the resources outside. Managing the Machine Checking Device Specifications The maximum print speed and machine features are displayed.

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Basic Operations Loading Preprinted Paper When you use paper that has been preprinted with a logo, pay attention to the orientation of the paper when loading. Page 24 IP address of the external network. Page Canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 Spots Appear P.


Linking With Mobile Devices Linking with Mobile Devices Linking with Mobile Devices Linking the machine with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets enables you to use an appropriate application to perform printing, or other operation with ease. This section also describes the procedure to configure settings for communication between the machine and canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 for imageWARE Enterprise Management Console.

While connecting the keyboard, you can enter text from the operation panel. Carefully insert the transport guide straight in. Page CU The following is a guide to the estimated replacement time for the consumables used in this machine.

Canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 it, continue to print.

As a part of the procedure, you are required to enter the following numbers. Move the mobile device closer to the NFC mark of danon machine. Page Maintenance Pull out the cartridge tray.


Uses the paper that is loaded in the multi-purpose tray to print files. If you are not able to remove the paper, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line. Typically, conventional port numbers are used canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 major protocols, but devices that use these port numbers are vulnerable to attacks because these port numbers are well-known.

Make sure to follow the procedures below when moving the machine to avoid injury, and also make sure to read the safety precautions before you begin. Setting Canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 Setting a Wait Time for Connecting ccanon a Network When a network is designed to enjoy redundant connectivity with multiple switching hubs or bridges, it must have a mechanism to prevent packets from looping.

Using Help The user software CD includes programs driver software and application software which the supplied instruction guides do not cover. This machine can receive I-Faxes and print them.

Canon IR1018 series Quick Start Manual

Click to return canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 the previous display. Check the authentication settings. Cargue la pila ie3570 papel con la cara en la que Introduzca el cassette de papel con cuidado desee imprimir hacia arriba.

Printing Printing L There are many ways to use the machine as a printer. Portions include software under the following terms: Options Appendix Options JX Installing options on the machine enables you to use more features. Clearing Paper Jams P. Esecuzione di copie Per eseguire una copia, attenersi canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 procedura riportata canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 seguito.

Restricting Communication By Using Firewalls Managing the Machine Restricting Communication irr4570 Using Firewalls Kr4570 Without proper security, unauthorized third parties can access computers and lr4570 communication devices that are connected to a network.

Print color mismatch can cause printouts to appear blurry. Page Printing Open a document in an application and display the print dialog box. One effective solution is to define the role of each switch port. This manual also for: Check the Following Is the machine turned ON? Maintenance Relocating the Machine J5 The machine is heavy. A Tip for Saving Paper The machine comes with useful features that can be combined to reduce canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 volume of paper used when copying.

Checking the Firmware Version P.

When a Problem Cannot Be Solved EH If you cannot solve a problem by referring to the information in this chapter, contact your local authorized Canon dealer or the Canon help line. Page of Go. Data is printed canon ir3570 ir4570 pcl6 the color tones closest to those canoj the U.

If you have attached the optional cassette feeding module, leave the ig3570 paper feeder on the floor and move it after moving the main unit of the machine.