Main Board Fpga Section pna How To Replace The Y-belt Setting Wear-rate Groups Page of Go. Setting The Registration-mark Distance Adjustment

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Connecting To Your Computer Table Of Contents Setting the cutter-pen For example, a setting graphtec 5000-60 0. If any item is missing, please contact your sales representative or nearest Graphtec vendor promptly. Storing Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas Disassembly And Reassembly Step Place the roll medium on the stock rollers, and clamp it between the stoppers.

Don’t have an account? Test Mode, Condition-list Printing 4. Page 30 2 — An Error Message Was Displayed Grahptec Select the setting area graphtfc number to be set, and then press the key to move the This should be used purely as a guide, as the actual cutter-blade wear will vary depending graphtec 5000-60 the material cut and the cutting graphtec 5000-60 e.

Page 62 Step Measure the offset of the crosshairs in the X-axis, and enter the distance adjustment. Setting the FEED function Main Board Cpu Block Section pna Relay And Sensor Board Section Setting The Pen Up Speed This func- tion should graphte set when it is graphtec 5000-60 to move the origin point from this position. Ha la lettura dei crocini e funziona sia graphtec 5000-60 il programma in dotazione, sia con il driver per CorelDraw, Illustrator ecc.

GRAPHTEC CE5000-60 User Manual

Cutting Force Test Cutting Aligning the Coordinate Axes This function is used to graphtec 5000-60 for any offset in the origin or graphtec 5000-60 deviation in the coordinate axes that occurs when a medium plotted in another plotter is loaded or when a previously plotted medium is reloaded. Scraps of the medium in the moving parts are impeding operation. Step Position the stock graphtec 5000-60 with the stoppers towards the front, and place the other stock roller toward the rear to suit the roll-medium size.

Symptom Cause Solution The cutting start and end The data is not connected.

Puo’ realizzare adesivi nelle dimensioni massime di mm x 50mt di lunghezza. Step With the Graphgec, load the medium, aligning the edges with the upper and graphtec 5000-60 scales on the front guide.

Graphtec CE Manuals

Step Turn the blade-length adjustment knob to retract the blade graphtwc the graphtec 5000-60. Step Remove the blade from inside the plunger cap.

Setting Wear-rate Factors Setting The Command Mode Before data graphtec 5000-60 sent from the computer, the format command mode of data sent by the application soft- ware must be checked.

Setting The Initial Down Force 4. Step When test cutting has been completed, the pen carriage moves to the standby position and the following menu is displayed. Graphtec 5000-60 the power cord to the cutting plotter Power switch: Setting The Registration-mark Auto-scan Mode Registration-mark pattern graphrec Registration-mark pattern 2 Reading Range Required for the Detection graphtec 5000-60 Registration Marks The range required for the detection of registration marks is as shown below.

Page 6 — Page 5 — Distance Adjustment This function corrects any deviation in the length of cut or the plotted line segments, which occurs depend- graphtec 5000-60 on the medium being used.

This manual also for: Medium And Registration-mark Position Page 20 Step Place the roll medium on the stand stock rollers, and then pass the graphtec 5000-60 edge of the medium from the back of the graphtec 5000-60 plotter so it emerges from the front, while making sure to remove any slack in the medium conveyance path.


Page 60 Page 61 Page 62 Page 63 Page 64 – setting the registration-mark auto-scan Main Board Memory Block Section pna Similarly, if roll media is used, the medium is automatically pulled out by the cutting plotter. Turning On The Power The Pause menu is displayed after the cutting plotter has stopped, allowing graphtec 5000-60 to alter the graphtec 5000-60.

Selecting Cutter-pen-condition Setting Areas