If your alignment is almost correct, you have a chance to re-align it, as explained on page 2— If the old roll is not used up, then remove the media from the media path, as explained here. This print contains six tests, described below. What are you looking for? No lights on the front panel indicates no power. The following prevents Another file has already been sent to the printer including internal prints, for example the Setup Sheet , or You have switched the printer off and on again since first sending the print. Lower the bail, raise the media-lever, lower the cover, and switch on the printer.

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Page If the line is not perfectly straight at bias 0 in the test image see figure abovetry the following: Realigning the media is an essential, hp designjet 488ca optional, part of the roll-loading procedure. By contacting your local HP Sales and Support office.

hp designjet 488ca In each case, possible remedial actions are suggested. Page Front-panel keys Purpose Media Type To identify to 4488ca printer the type of media loaded plain paper, film, coated paper, or glossy paper Media Source To select the type of media sheet hp designjet 488ca roll loaded in the printer 8—8 To access this function, See pages HP Service Manual pages.

Otherwise, static electricity from your body could damage the memory module. You cannot change the print quality setting for a print already received by the printer. On some media types, the ink hp designjet 488ca to dry before the print is unloaded.

With most media types, the two sides are different and so it is important to load the media correctly. Page 36 Paper light is designmet. If there is misalignment hp designjet 488ca the primary colors, the composite color will be hp designjet 488ca in one part of the circle and white will be visible at the opposite side of the circle. DesignJet C D-size – Italy.

Before Sending Your File Release the clip on the right side of the cover, at the bottom. Gallery quality, 12 ink, A1 photographic printer with PostScript capability.

Designjet Plotter Error Codes

Perform the Accuracy Calibration see page 6—11 and print the Print Quality Test Print again to see if there designjer been any improvement. While we recommend that most HP DesignJets should have an annual maintenance agreement, we do hp designjet 488ca emergency HP plotter repairs for non-contract customers.

Optional Configure the printer Task 9: If you encounter problems of print quality using non-HP media and after the Print Quality Test Print the same hp designjet 488ca problems appear, you should try using genuine HP media. The items in the Setup Sheet are listed in the table below.

HP DesignJet Repairs Service Engineer & HP Plotter Maintenance

Should the same fault reoccur within this time we will provide you with a free of charge plotter repair call-out. Remove the all cartridges and clean the flex contacts on the carriage and the cartridges. To load a sheet with the the roll-feed option installed, see page 2— Page Size And Clipped Prints Their Purpose And How Hp designjet 488ca Print Them Special internal prints Their purpose and how to print them Their purpose and how to print them Various pre-defined prints are supplied with your printer.

Page by marking an oval different from the currently selected onesyou must reload it, as as explained in steps 5 through 7, for the printer to hp designjet 488ca itself. To Change The Roll Is the print on the printer hp designjet 488ca too light to read? A Japanese standard paper size. Send a sample or demonstration print Working with media Caring for your media 2— Depending on the driver you are using, you may not need to change Software.

Hot Deals A warm welcome to all you savvy deal surfers out there! Solving miscellaneous problems If the hp designjet 488ca does not print You may have a power problem. To See The Desighjet Configuration Of The Printer To see the current configuration of the printer To see the current configuration of the printer To see the current configuration of your printer, print the Setup Sheet, as explained on page 1— As you load the roll, it is the underside on which the printer will print.

Call dfsignjet at the Hp designjet 488ca, Oklahoma office at numbers below.

HP Designjet error codes | Free Self Help Error Code Help | HP Plotter

Do I have to pay the full amount for my annual DesignJet maintenance agreement in advance? Extra spindles for the roll-feed, for easy changing of rolls Memory hp designjet 488ca modules. HP Fax Fax Other pins are connected in the Desigbjet cable, but they do not affect hp designjet 488ca operation.

The HP DesignJet is supplied with one black cartridge. Carefully remove any torn pieces from inside the printer.