Subject Index Use the subject index to quickly locate any information in the manual. Release the catch on the control panel cable guide by using the small flathead screwdriver to push on the tab Figure The following printer systems are discussed: The start-up of a beta board is a thing of beauty. I’m not going to continue maintaining the individual image files, and the ones that are here will eventually go away.

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Hopefully this will be the final version. Managed to mess up twice. Figure Dc Controller Removal 2 Of 3 Lift the bottom plate, rotating c39990a plate toward you from the back as if hinged on the front. I’ll be adding a section to the manual about how the Image Database works shortly. Remove the 2 screws from the top of the hp laserjet 6l c3990a Figurecallout 1.

Remove the Feed Assembly. On top of that, my source for Port covers doesn’t have any more for me. It seems that the fix for the two-key rollover makes the keyboard miss keystrokes if you are running faster than 1x. Grasp the two lower, front corners ,aserjet the printer and pull gently outward to release the front of the Main Cover. Updated the documentation on the “Manuals” page to reflect the latest software.

User mode operation fixed.

41CL Calculator: Home

It houses the cleaning, conditioning, and developing steps of the process. Found and fixed a typo in the image database.

Deleting a Stored Job Added files section to website. Table Indicator Lights 1 of 2 When this Indicator: Exercise caution when working with the printer.

HP LaserJet Printer Model Cross Reference

The fail cases have these signals rising with the first edge of PH1, which isn’t how the logic is supposed to work. Hp laserjet 6l c3990a probably offer the unclaimed boards to the next people on the hp laserjet 6l c3990a list at the start of next week. Ten port covers modified for serial connectors.

Note See the documentation included with the duplexer for complete installation and setup instructions. This ph make it easy for users to lassrjet their own mnemonics. I also need to make the last batch of serial connectors. First production PC boards ordered. Slow going now because I have to notify people two or three at a time to make sure that I don’t over-commit.

Allows the printer to resume printing after being offline. If the mark did not move, inspect the Main Drive assembly to ensure that it is meshing with the toner cartridge gears. Created layout for 41CL label samples.

If Laserjte is used full-time, it is possible that the Toner supply will outlast the mechanical parts in the Toner Cartridge. Piezo buzzers and power connections done on all boards. Press [Menu] until the hp laserjet 6l c3990a menu appears. This is incredibly frustrating.

You may or may not like my Verilog coding style, but this is what works for me. More new images added or updated.

HP 5L Service Manual

Hp laserjet 6l c3990a I only need one calculator a 41CL, obviously on my desk. The fee is charged on a per-incident basis. Remove the toner cartridge.

The right tools e. I forgot that the JTAG reset signal was active-low. The Interface PCA forms a link which operates as a serial data bus. This is probably going to be a royal pain to fix, but I’ll keep you informed here. Flash update image built.