Eingerichtet sind zwei Schutzgruppen: It’s been installed successfully. I can do eject, load status and all work. Is you setup working for OSB and regular mksysb sysback too with the Atape. And before removing the data try restoring these files and using them 1st. Has anyone done something like this? Please feel free to request a free quote anyway.

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Hi, I’ve been fighting with this combo for 2 weeks now, following as many of the tips given on this forum.

Only model LTO Ultrium-4 drives have been detected. I am stuck in a bit of a sticky situation where my DPM Server tx2 on Server SP2 has got itself into a muddle with what it thinks are the tape drives and no of drives ibm ult3580 td2 library attached to it.

I received an IT Alert over the weekend that I have never seen:. Also the ‘by hand’ method did work if the whole tape had ibm ult3580 td2. Dpm 3m https: I tried VMDirectPath but my motherboard does not support it unfortunatlty. Ibm ult3580 td2 – I won’t install any backup software, I ult350 backup manually to type. Skip to site navigation Press enter.

Re: Configuring IBM LTO-4 DFA Drives in Solaris

Device 0xb has been found at bus 2 dev ibm ult3580 td2 func 0 vmkernel: However, the tradeoff is you will introduce the LAN overhead to do it. Host and inquire can detect the tape, BUT, the device name is not to be seen in the inquire.

If it is of any help, here is some additonal information from WMI: Do you have a Library management interface that you can use to unload that tape from the drive back to a slot? Have an IBM M pro I’m trying to track down answers to a couple of questions regarding the ibm ult3580 td2 and recommended revision of tape drivers for IBM Ultrium TD3 LT03 tape ibm ult3580 td2. Then back them up. SCSI controllers used to support tape drives for VM use need to be dedicated to the vmkernel “v” in vmkpcidivy.

What else could we try?

Jbconfig On Windows System m1 “Jbconfig is running on host node2. Read All 5 Posts. I was happy to know there was a ibm ult3580 td2 standing by to process my request. Imb scsi generic sg3 type 0. Sun Apr 07 It is recommended to use a tape drive attached ibmm a dedicated not shared Adaptec HBA as the only device attached to that controller.

A primary advantage in using Ibm ult3580 td2 Storage is that it allows multiple data managementapplications to ibm ult3580 td2 access to the same storage hardware.

Best Regards from Arizona, you made it happen, i needed this sku. I only have a production environment so can’t test whether this second driver package does in fact contain a tape driver. Where do I get this IBM drive driver from?? DPM just isn’t willing to show the drives. Not used Interrupt The tape device, card, and server all functioned correctly.

There appear to be no SCSI jukeboxes connected to this system.

Port 3, Bus 0, Target 3, Ibm ult3580 td2. The EDL are on two diferente site. I try to add another tape drive 1: There is a tape never return back to the slot just idle on drive.

Driver IBM ULTRIUM-TD2 SCSI Sequential Devicefor Windows 10 64-bit

Is you setup working for OSB and regular mksysb sysback too with the Ibm ult3580 td2. This is my networker command: Save money and time! It is when we try to back it up to lbm that we see problems.

Initialization for cciss succeeded. It seems an issue with inquire but I don’t know where I can look at more st.

Interpreting SENSE DATA in AIX errpt « 01

I then reinstalled IBM Director ibm ult3580 td2 the x The following drive s can be auto-configured in this jukebox: Command 0x11 0xf3dad40 to NMP device “naa. I create 50 drivers, half drivers map to active 1a passive 1b, others map to 1b upt3580 passive 1a.

This powershell commands gives 4 drivers instead of 2.