The problem I’m having is that, I have a 2 page document that I am duplexing. I have a Konica Minolta DL. I have a Minolta di that is giving a C error. The toner is a wax based toner so excess wax gets on them after a while. What does the drum do and could that be the problem? A better way is to weigh the cartridges with electronic scales – full are around grammes empty at grammes.

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From the UI or a printer?! It somehow resets the sensor. Hi Rob, We had huge problems with any kind of card in our magicolor 24xx and 25xx printers – exactly the same as you’re konica minolta mc2300w. Go to the Konica minolta site and konica minolta mc2300w the FAQ’a for your printer – it explains about one particularnoise and what causes it, and the cure. I think the main culprit in this scenario is refilling the toner cartridges too many times.

Any help is appreciated. I konica minolta mc2300w the printer, however when I try to print a color that covers a large area, tracks seem to be down the entire page instead of a smooth covering.

Are your low yield ones empty? I cleaned the feed tire and no konica minolta mc2300w pickup problems! The other printer has been printing these marks for many weeks. I then frustratedly walk back to my PC and reprint.

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Open up the door and remove the drum assembly. I get “Black Toner not installed” and “can not rotate the cartridges”. Konica minolta mc2300w someone has sample test cases for printer testing, i will be very gratefull if they can let me have a look at them. Anyway, konica minolta mc2300w for grins I decided to clean this unit up.

If we pile in paper to the maximum height, paper picks up OK. I’m not sure if this is related to your area of expertise, but I have a Minolta C with an external Fiery. I just replaced my black toner cartridge on a oonica minolta magicolor DL. The Konica Minolta printer comes with a 2-year warranty. This leads me konica minolta mc2300w think that a sensor is being blocked or konica minolta mc2300w faulty. I replaced drum and minopta went away.

Hello again, I went ahead and purchased a new Black cartridge from Konica minolta mc2300w to replace the one I recently filled and the printer konica minolta mc2300w working normally again.

You will need to reset the sensors on the cartridges so that it thinks that you have a new cartridge. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know what the OPC is The second problem is the presence of small black smudges about 2 inches from the bottom.

Can someone please help.

Sound like your ITB cleaning blade has failed or is in the process of failing. And since it has happened to both machines then I thought this may be a common problem that someone might have experienced. I guess I’ll find out when one of the color cartridges get low and try the konica minolta mc2300w refill kit again. I just installed a re-filled K toner, and got the infamous Black toner not installed message. Did You ever find the solution to your problem? Is there something else to check, like voltages, lenses or fuser possibly?

Go konica minolta mc2300w, does this right after warranty expires.

konica minolta mc2300w The toner packs down when refilling and seems to destroy the seals in the toner cartridge. It has about 9, faces, color, and 25, planes on it. Konca, can anyone point me to a solution.

I let it cool down and cleaned the konica minolta mc2300w that were reachable, but it still jams. I have yet use the origional toners which are the partially full ones. It looked almost impossible to get them out without damage so I just shorted across the plates with konica minolta mc2300w single core wire stiff enough to secure it. At the left is the pick off mirror. Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. In one of them i konic a set of standard toners konica minolta mc2300w in the other i have the hi capacity mc2300e both genuine Currently the hi cap ones are in the and work just fine and are almost full as they are fairly new, however if i take them out and put them in thethe printer says enf of life!

The printer is about 3 years old and on its second set of cartridges after initial toner refills were used on the first set.

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Thanks in advance, Mario. I have the dl. The image konica minolta mc2300w belt unit need to be replaced. Does this indicate a problem with the optica sensor? Plug it in, the toners cycle, it runs the rollers ie.

I found this site minilta wanted to say that I am a Konica Minolta tech and I will be happy to answer any questions to the best of my ability for Konica minolta mc2300w Minolta printers.