Don’t think reset procedure works on series or newer machines. Tous man les colognes concentrees eau de toilette ml – Tous. Thanks Stephan – stephan Any toner hung up on the sides of the cartridge will drop down into the bottom. Does anyone know what the procedure is for the C? I own an okidata c and I have been having problems with toner residue on the back side of my pages.

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Oh, well that’s life.

Oki es1624 networked, is that the “n”? Perhaps I need to use the new “gloss” black toner that Uninet is selling. Hi toplek, Is it the cn you have? I can’t figure out the way to the toners oki es1624 I’ve gotten over 16, pages, lki still going strong, on the drums.


Press the menu button three times. I had a similar situation where the waste toner had not been oki es1624 and the waste toner spring mechanism along the bottom of the drum unit had actually snapped because the waste toner had backed up. To my knowledge no one has come up with this code. Be oki es1624 to empty the “waste” toner ed1624 your cartridges or es16224 a few reloads, the developer drum gears will oki es1624 because of toner in the gears.


Replacing the drum and wiper doesn’t work. When you raise the lid to clear a jamb or change consumables make sure you do it as quickly as possible, and keep the illumination from indoor lights turned down low. I think Oki es1624 probably had some of the drums out in dim florescent oki es1624 for slightly more than 10 minutes. I purchased a C factory maintenance manual from them oki es1624 January Please help me get the network menu to return on the Okidata CN.

Yellow When yellow LED head I’ve included again the reset instructions below. It’s very important to empty the waste toner compartment when refilling.

Total count is under ‘Counters’ in the right column. This works fine if the oki es1624 toner compartment is totally empty, but if it’s not, you’ll probably lose some good toner.

Has anyone had experience replacing the drum in the drum mechanism? oki es1624

Meter Reading / Total Page Count

I reset the “life limit” on the drums ID units from 20, to 40, pages. I tried the 7 step reset and it ss1624 work for this issue. Meter reading is read off of oki es1624 odometer located on the right side, top, toward the front. Am I doing something wrong, or do I need a password I don’t oki es1624 to get to this option on my printer? But the grey is a bad drum.

Oki es1624 better way is to check weight of cartgidge properly. So far I have made about pages and everything still looks good.

Toner cartridges are full. Ya can’t miss it Emptied the waste chamber and dumped all the good toner oki es1624 refilled and it still does the samething with the streak have printed about 25 test pages okl and all the same HELP?

It gets conveyed from the green drum section up the left side of the drum unit and is deposited into the toner cartridge through the center of the section with the large spring onto oik the oki es1624 cartridge is mounted when you install or change the toner cartridge.

You oki es1624 also apply the above change to the “ID Ew1624 aswell, being the image drums, to stop any counting of the drum units, allowing them oki es1624 be used untill image quality suffers. I use toner from Uninet.

This is the reverse of the toner life fs1624 from the oki es1624 menu” when the printer is in normal operation, which shows the toners as a percentage life remaining. I can be purchased at any electronics store. Is the magenta oki es1624 unit new or has it been used and if so has the magenta es16224 cartridge been refilled??

Busca las tintas para tu impresora. I just tried it on my and it worked. When going under the menu settings on the printer, there is not more network config menu.

See my instructions earlier on in this forum: