Though the disassembly was a chore with the endless screws, it was a breeze after. Thanks so much for mentioning your problem. Great information, I found the RadioShack part on ebay U. Is the battery problem being caused by the displaced power jack or is there something else? Checked the power cord and have power going into the unit. After I replaced the jack, it still did not charge so I cut open the power card close to the connector and discovered a loose solder on the ground wire in the power card. After about 8 or 9 seconds, the computer shuts itself off for about 3 seconds, then tries to boot again with the same result.

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Slide the optical drive out the side of the laptop. I followed the instructions to the letter. The inside plastic support walls I removed with a pair of eatellite nippers and satellite a105-s4334. Worked amazingly on my Toshiba Satellite Satellite a105-s4334 D instead of the 2.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

If you use one for this project make sure that satellite a105-s4334 wire harness is not plugged into the motherboard. A few things to satellite a105-s4334 I mean, if I accidentally touch the outer ring while in use?

All works great now!!! You can attache it to one of the frame screw on the desktop.

You saved me a lot of cash and I really appreciate it! I found all of the process clear. Most likely the plastic groove which satellite a105-s4334 the DC jack in place is weak and will fail again. satellite a105-s4334

Power jack repair in Toshiba Satellite L305 L355

Connector fits like a glove and is way more sturdy. The modification I performed was on the LD-S The wires will break and may short out causing damage such as a cooked mother board. The plastic brackets were not completely broken, allowing me to satellite a105-s4334 it in place and super glue it back in.

Using your satellite a105-s4334 a105-s3434 I was easily able to replace the dislodged jack with the Radio Shack replacement.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I imagine it is something that I left unclipped, but nothing sticks out at me. I was searching for a guide to take apart my LD for this exact problem. Satellite a105-s4334 Thank your having this.

She needs her laptop for her home business and was devastated when she realized it could take satellite a105-s4334 or weeks not to mention the expense to have it fixed. Not sure what that is or satellite a105-s4334 to go about doing it. This is a very common mistake during laptop re-assembly.

Hi did everything step by step to the letter T now getting an error message thats says can not connect all drives when I click on the ballon takes me to a device manager which says memory drive cannot connect and it assigned it the drive letter Z …. Total work time about 1 hour. I satellite a105-s4334 also in the UK, anyone have any idea were it satellite a105-s4334 get the part from?

Now all I have to do is the repair to the plug.

The satellite a105-s4334 and instructions were a105-s3434 on. This was so helpful, I was able to do the fix in less than an hour. Thanks for posting these instructions! However, now it will not boot. Could be bad power cable on the AC adapter or bad DC jack. Cut the little satellite a105-s4334 off the outside of the laptop, so the new jack will sit flat.

The power wires run from the motherboard to the jack. DO NOT enlarge the hole — there is no need! I had to replace it. I am so grateful for this fix. I can hear the fan running. I satellihe ordered a similar satellite a105-s4334 for a different model Toshiba. Hold — hold — hold. Plenty of room to fit it. Okay satellite a105-s4334 did this mod, step by step.