I just don’t know what to do. I want to know if there is a firmware update to this drive, because I’m founding more and more problems everyday to get the media that works fine. No so — is there a firmware update I missed? Thanks for the reply. Read All 5 Posts. Or is going with an external e.

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Surprisingly enough the DVD plays! Many thanks for the information, now I will know. It absolutly no problem there.

No i’m getting this error with iDVD and the new toast 8 i think heres the error: Within the drive that contains your files, locate either a setup or install file.

Can I use the backup in the external harddrive to transfer to the new desktop? Yucca Valley, CA Posts: Sony dvd rw dw-u10a weird is, the drive can see and write to 16x Memorex blanks just fine. DVD writing sony dvd rw dw-u10a necessary with this system Inspiron m, recently purchased. Read All 1 Posts. Your email address will not be published.

YES Can someone pls help?

I just don’t know what to do. I’ve tried 2 different keyboards and get the same message during boot up which is preventing my entrance into setup. Best wishes Mark Read All 3 Posts. Also I tried dw-u10q OS What is the model of the Sony dvd rw dw-u10a you dww-u10a trying to use this drive sony dvd rw dw u10a driver Not all models are sold in all sony dvd rw dw-u10a. They talk about replacing the EMI shield. Thanks for your time.

Drivers for SONY DW-U10A

Experi-Mentor, thanks a lot!!! But i never saw this before So i have too striking phenomens: And burning a Data-DVD is not a exotical thing. Do I need to invest in a new drive.

Sony dvd rw dw-u10a driver file to begin the installation. I’d replace the drive, if not under warranty.

Yeah, I’ve seen the list. And, the OS version determines which DL media to use.

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In sony dvd rw dw-u10a something is. This happens also when i take new DVD-RWs Today i tried to burn a cd with itunes, it worked, but it took the imac one or two minute to recognize the empty CD.

This firmware version wont render your warranty void and rd improve compatibility with more media speed improvments and burn stability, but in the unlikly event that the flash should damage your drive in any way, I cannot be held responsible for such event. This is my internal drive: Switch to Sony dvd rw dw-u10a Mode.

The G4 takes some time to recognize a previously sony dvd rw dw-u10a CDR at slower speed, but it works. Code 39 on Windows means that the required driver is either corrupt or missing. How do you troubleshoot it? Message was edited slny Yes Apple Shipping Drive Cache: I suggest you to visit a site on which there is a lot of information on this question.

Sony dvd rw dw-u10a driver

I ran the script file found below to fix it and rebooted. I asked that it not be a Sony. For some reason my G5 always sony dvd rw dw-u10a the drive at boot up so I cannot complete the upgrade. If that is the case then I sony dvd rw dw-u10a suggest you simply update your copy of Nero to the latest available on the Nero website. Wierd thing is I don’t think it’s the media as itunes burns audio cds no problem, but Toast will not burn data cds nor will the finder How does one go about finding firmware updates?

I definitely think the Sony drive is defective! Many are have the same problem with many different disk. No Does anybody have any suggestions? When I insert a blank it get this error in Console: