If you use only one memory module, be sure to insert it to the upper slot. Push the memory card in toward the computer. Indicator Functions Power 1 Illuminates when the power of the computer is on, blinks when the computer is in Sleep mode, and turns off when the computer is in Hibernate mode or off. Close all programs that are accessing the floppy disk drive. Troubleshooting Microphone What should I do if my microphone does not work? However, not all memory card media that meet the same specifications as the compatible media are guaranteed of compatibility. We have more than

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Check your specifications for the type of optical disc drive installed on your model.


Double-click the Safely Remove Hardware icon on the taskbar. Precautions Precautions Precautions This section describes safety guidelines and precautions to help you protect your VAIO computer from potential damage.

Sony assumes no liabilities for any problems and damages arising out of your use of or inability ggn-cr390 use the fingerprint sensor. For setting the power-on and Windows sony vaio vgn-cr390, see Setting the Password page You can view the amount of system memory. Page 94 To add the power-on password user password Make sure you set the machine password before setting the user password. For contacts about the software, see Program Support Information page Click Open classic appearance properties for more color sony vaio vgn-cr390.

Keyboard What should I do sony vaio vgn-cr390 the keyboard configuration is wrong? If the computer is not used for a certain period of time, it will enter Sleep mode. For example, you can use the computer with a computer display or a projector.

Plug one end of an audio cable not supplied into vail headphones jack on the computer and the other end to the TV. Do not install the screw 1 in sony vaio vgn-cr390 vgncr390 sony vaio vgn-cr390 other screw holes, as doing so may cause damage to your computer because the length of the screw 1 is longer than that of other screws 2.

Third-party wireless LAN access point channels may be preset to different channels from Sony devices.

See Adding the Windows Password To enroll a fingerprint Up to 10 fingerprints can vail enrolled for each user and up to 21 fingerprints can be enrolled for logging onto your system using the Power-on Security feature.

Doing so may cause the computer to sony vaio vgn-cr390. Click the Ssony icon in the right pane of the utility’s main window. For the type of module and the amount of memory installed on your model, sony vaio vgn-cr390 the online specifications. For setting up and using the Bluetooth functionality, search for Bluetooth information using Windows Help and Support.

Sony VGN-CR305E User Manual

The sony vaio vgn-cr390 slides out. Page – to the computer Page – System Eony Page – how do i keep my antivirus software upda To modify this, you can change the Sleep mode settings. It can also be potentially dangerous to play loud music while walking, especially at pedestrian crossings.

To remove the sony vaio vgn-cr390 pack Turn off the computer and close the LCD screen lid. Using the Bluetooth Sony vaio vgn-cr390 The Bluetooth headset not supplied will come in handy during a video conference over the Internet using instant messaging software. Why is my Bluetooth connection slow? The power indicator light is off in this mode. W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly If you choose a different regional keyboard when you complete the Windows setup, the key configuration will be mismatched.

To shut down your computer Turn off any peripherals connected to the computer. What should I do if I cannot write data to CD media? If it is not removed properly, your system may not work properly. Click Start and Control Panel. Sony vaio vgn-cr390 you want to work on your computer screen and the external display at the same time, see Using the Multiple Monitors Function page 81 for more information.