Shelly January 11, Zoloo March 2, Young June 3, None of this happens on an external monitor. My laptop screen was looking distorted and fuzzy after I gently wiped the screen.

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Young June 3, When I connect laptop to external monitor all is fine but internal LED screen shows only those test screens.

Batterie ordinateur portable

Try toshiba satellite l645-s4102 the cable on both ends. Presumably, this is where the LCD connector is connected. Bad connection between the video cable and motherboard or LCD screen.

TSetup was pre-installed on most early Toshiba notebook models except for the very earliest models.

Wow thank you so much! I connected it to a external display and the result was normal image.

How to turn on screen? If the video problem appears ONLY on the laptop screen and the external monitor works properly, this could be one of the following: Dear CJ, This is very urgent and this is going to be a bit long but please have the toshiba satellite l645-s4102 to help me through it.

BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

Rhonda June 7, RAJ October 9, If you toshiba satellite l645-s4102 to guess, try replacing the inverter board first. Now it is turquoise again. You could still see some l645-s410 the desktop features, like a moving window and the colour changes during start up. Which part could be wrong? Abithu February 12, Taylor January 16, Now satfllite when I turned my laptop on, the screen was gray with weird colored lines in it, then all of a sudden green streaks ran down the screen.

Try replacing the cable. Inspiron Dell laptop logs on toshiba satellite l645-s4102 but toshiba satellite l645-s4102 black screen, had to read what is displayed, I have tried to increase on the light but in vain.

There is only blank white on the screen. I bought a replacement one from ebay with the exact same model number, only it said toehiba was pulled from toshiba A Thanks for all the helpful information on this website. This utility provides a relatively user-friendly way to change the BIOS settings.

In most laptops the graphics card integrated into the motherboard and cannot be removed or replaced separately. Can i replace it? Hi, My toshiba satellite l645-s4102 just started getting pink colors where the blacks were and green where the whites were so i tried tilting the screen down a little bit and the toshiba satellite l645-s4102 went o645-s4102 to normal.

When the lid is fixed at certain angles, it shows vertical and horizontal lines disturbing half part of my l64-5s4102.

toshiba satellite l645-s4102 The new screen had different mounting bracket locations. If you do not see a prompt to press l645-d4102 F2 key, then immediately press and hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release it.

Which one is failing, the backlight lamp or inverter? I have all the blacks red and so on. Make sure the LCD cable toshiba satellite l645-s4102 plugged correctly. Bad video on the screen. Try applying some reasonable pressure to the top part of the display assembly. If moving the cable affects image on the screen in any way it starts shown different colors, lines, or image clears to normal, etc… most likely the cable is toshiba satellite l645-s4102 and has to toshibz replaced.